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We started by start of 2011 FMCG, Food products & Commodities business in order to meet with the demand of the market & our customers across much of East, Central, North Africa and part of the Middle East, UK & EU. Our products are now enjoy by an ever-increasing number of consumers from our geographical market, our Manufacturing company is strategically positioned itself in very unique geographical location in the Emirates state of Ras al Khaimah U.A.E, indeed, it has always been a welcome place for business. It is recognized internationally as a safe and secure place with high economic, legal and political stability, and low risk. It boasts a high-qualified and flexible workforce.

Our group other company; Transco Trading LLC with different branches in UAE, UK, EU & Africa is involved in local trading and distribution activities, in order to expand our operations and capture locals market shares in this regions. All our trading products are packed by European major suppliers with a better taste and attractive packing.

Research & Development

One of the strengths of the Company is its ability to be flexible and responsive to consumer tastes and international market requirements. We are now looks forward with confidence to exciting times ahead. We repeatedly invest in our infrastructure to improve the quality and performance of our products and our responsiveness to serve the unique needs of our customers. It is our aim that all employees are working on development and effectiveness of the present line of our products. Based upon a strong position in the domestic market and export markets we are working on establishing new fields of markets. This should be done through further training and skill enhancement of our staff, as well as by placement of new skilled employee and advancement in new technology. In order to meet the demands of our customers, our capacity of production and capital resources are on the leading edge of expansion.

Our Research & Development department that works day and night for further improvement of our existing range and also conducts research for new product. In order to serve a wider range of clients, we are also working towards gaining the recognition from various certifying bodies, related to the industries that we operate in. Improving our customer’s business through our products is an important goal and so we hire the most knowledgeable and dedicated team members. We train them to do their best and make every single deal valuable and productive for our clients.

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