Transco Trading LLC

TRANSCO TRADING LLC, Which was established on July2013, it is limited liabilities Company which is part of Transco Group was formed with an objective to capture the local market share through its own distribution channels in long run. Transco Trading has different branches operated in UAE, UK, EU and Africa with more & less complete range of FMCG products/commodities under King’s Brand.

Our Strengths Capabilities

  • Own Production facilities at Ras al Khaimah Investment Authority (RAKIA).
  • Strong relationship with major supplier of Raw Material & Finished Products.
  • Strong relationship with major business partners/Customers/Key Supermarkets in the Middle East, East & Central African Region
  • Clear in-market sales fundamentals and expertise in execution.
  • Efficient distribution capability for local as well as International Market.
  • Trained and motivated staff at all level. – Advanced planning and Execution excellence.
  • Ability to enter into agreement for private label or third party manufacturing contracts.
  • Well-developed Quality Control Department to meet HAACP: 2005 and ISO: 22000standards.
  • Advance RSD Department for New Products Development, where our Nutritionist and QC Team create different recipes for different brands that we deal with.

Our Way to Achieving Excellence is through

  • Maintaining product quality and evaluating the same through sensory product testing-Sensory panel.
  • Benchmarking the products with top brands offering high quality and standards-Market intelligence system (MIS).
  • Collecting direct feedback from customers through our Domestic and International Sales & Marketing Team.
  • Quality control at all levels.
  • Training Programs-Multi layered
  • RSD Projects-New Product Development Team.

Our Corporate Value

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
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